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Short Stories

“The Problem With You Is That” in The Florida Review 43.1 (2019)

“Happy Like This” in Michigan Quarterly Review 58.3 (2019)

“Fake Mermaid” in The Kenyon Review Online (May/June 2019)

“Ripped” in Colorado Review 46.1 (2019)

“Make Yourself at Home” in Gettysburg Review 29.1 (2016)

“Sickness and Health” in The Cincinnati Review 11.2 (2015)

“What It’s Like to Be Us” in Prairie Schooner 88.2 (2014)

“Blue Refrain” in Alaska Quarterly Review 31.1-2 (2014)

“Everything in the World” in Cold Mountain Review 41.2 (2013)

“What You See When You Look Close Enough” in The Southeast Review 30.1 (2012)

“Burden” in The Iowa Review 41.1 (2011)

“Foreign Girl” in Barnstorm (2010)