Ashley Wurzbacher
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“i fell in love with these stories from page one. Happy Like This is a funny, touching catalog of women’s generosity toward each other and themselves, of the secrets we need to keep, and of the paths we must take in order to live more fully. A powerhouse of a collection.”

—Danielle Lazarin, author, Back Talk


“a sweeping, insightful, and compassionate portrait not only of women’s lives, losses, and loves, but of their anger, its power, and the fierce sisterhood forged between those who express it.”

—Allie Rowbottom, author, JELL-O Girls


“I love these dark, lyrical, sinewy stories about women’s relationships with their bodies and with each other… these stories surprised me at every turn. And the writing is so gorgeous!”

—Carmen Maria Machado, author, HER BODY AND OTHER PARTIES


“What a gorgeous, varied, brilliant, and accomplished collection of stories. On every page, moments of truth and beauty so perfectly, easily, and indelibly rendered in lines to make you catch your breath and wish to read them over and over. A must read!”

—Gregory Spatz, author, Inukshuk

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Ashley Wurzbacher’s short story collection, Happy Like This, is the winner of the 2019 John Simmons (Iowa) Short Fiction Award and is forthcoming in October from the University of Iowa Press.



Spanning a wide range of distinct perspectives, voices, styles, and settings, the ten shimmering stories in Happy Like This offer deeply felt, often humorous meditations on the complexity of choice and the ambiguity of happiness. Release date: October 15, 2019